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The Once system is a collection of smart apps designed for teams that sell and fit windows blinds, shutters and similar products

Get accurate, instant prices, quotes and orders

Save hours of time and eliminate most onsite mistakes

A simple to use Order Tracking and CRM system

Staff calendars with customer confirmation SMS and Email

 Create supplier orders and production sheets

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Once Mobile

Once Mobile is an automated order pad that improves accuracy and instantly prices your quotes on-site

Accurately capture data on site or in the showroom

Remove the need for carbonated pads, paper price lists, writing equipment, calculator and handwritten quotes. Avoiding all handwriting and transcribing errors, while automatically checking for common errors and missing data.

Accurate, instant pricing and quotes

Once Mobile generates accurate prices and quotes instantly from the captured data. Giving you a professional image and the peace-of-mind that jobs are being correctly quoted. You can immediately create alternate quotes, add discounts or amend the quoted prices.

Send quotes and invoices

A quote or invoice can be emailed to the customer as soon as you have an internet connection. You can customise the document to suit your business, including your logo, to give a professional appearance that looks good whether viewed on a mobile device or in print.

Works with no internet connection

Once Mobile works on Apple and Android tablets and Windows or Mac PCs but doesn’t require a mobile or Wi-Fi connection. Quotes and orders are sent when you have an internet connection. In the meantime, the app is fully functional.

Send orders direct to your office

A worksheet with all the information to make or order the products, including fabric calculations is sent to your business. The document can be customised to fit into whatever work process you use.

Customise your products and prices

Once Setup enables you to quickly and easily create product and price lists. Once can provide data for most UK suppliers or you can easily add your own. Free training is available for this.

Once Track

Once Track is a complete workflow manager and calendar, specifically designed for window furnishing retailers

Simple to setup – Simple to manage.

Once Track only takes a few minutes to get started. Keep track of all of your enquiries, quotes and orders. Easily find appointments or orders with our search features. Plus, with page-a-day style diary views, and at-a-glance job status you’ll never miss a thing.

Never forget a thing. Never miss a step.

Print or email daily schedules for your staff appointments, integrated with Google Maps to guide you to your destination. Map view shows your appointment locations, and free postcode and address lookup means you’ll (probably) never be in the wrong place at the wrong time again.

Easy workflow tracking

 Update the status of jobs in one click. Whether you’re keeping track of an enquiry, quote, order, repair or any other type of job, one click instantly updates the status.  Clearly see any jobs that are running behind schedule or need attention.

Supplier ordering

Whether you order via a supplier portal or send purchase orders, you can quickly and easily do all of this from within Once Track.  Add as many suppliers as you like and customise your ordering method.

Connect with accountancy software

Send invoices or receipts directly to your accountancy software to easily stay ahead of the game with making tax digital.

Present a more professional operation with improved customer engagement.

Improve your customer engagement by sending professional visit confirmations with links to product brochures and marketing. All done with a few clicks via the in-app email

Worksheets and labels

Keep on top of your workshop tasks by creating worksheets for orders and printing labels for your products, all in just a few clicks.

Connecting jobs from enquiry to receipt

Start a job from an enquiry or an appointment, send to Once Mobile when your surveyor visits the customer, and keep track of every step of the process until the job is complete.  All appointments, quotes, orders and customer documents are linked together in one place. 

Once Mobile works on Android tablets, iOS (iPad), Mac and Windows.

(Please check our compatibility checker to see if we have tested Once on your device before purchasing)

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