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Once Mobile is an app for anyone that sells window blinds, shutters, curtains, awnings, flooring, etc.

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Selling Blinds, Made Easy

Accurately capture data on site or in the showroom

Remove the need for carbonated pads, paper price lists, writing equipment, calculator and handwritten quotes. Avoiding all handwriting and transcribing errors, while automatically checking for common errors and missing data.

Accurate, instant pricing and quotes

Once Mobile generates accurate prices and quotes instantly from the captured data. Giving you a professional image and the peace-of-mind that jobs are being correctly quoted. You can immediately create alternate quotes, add discounts or amend the quoted prices.

Send quotes and invoices

A quote or invoice can be emailed to the customer as soon as you have an internet connection. You can customise the document to suit your business, including your logo, to give a professional appearance that looks good whether viewed on a mobile device or in print.

Works with no internet connection

Once Mobile works on Apple and Android tablets and Windows or Mac PCs but doesn’t require a mobile or Wi-Fi connection. Quotes and orders are sent when you have an internet connection. In the meantime, the app is fully functional.

Send orders direct to your office

A worksheet with all the information to make or order the products, including fabric calculations is sent to your business. The document can be customised to fit into whatever work process you use.

Customise your products and prices

Once Setup enables you to quickly and easily create product and price lists. Once can provide data for most UK suppliers or you can easily add your own. Free training is available for this.

Connected to online calendars and more

Once Mobile connects to online calendars, email, maps, CRM systems or other systems without leaving the app.

Connected to brochures and videos

Once Mobile can display product brochures, data sheets, training and promotional videos without leaving the app.

Schedule Appointments

You can set appointment times for jobs so a Once Mobile user can clearly see their job schedule.

Pass orders between users

Start or complete an order in your showroom and transfer to or from a surveyor or fitter with an optional appointment time.

Once Mobile works on Android tablets, iOS (iPad), Mac and Windows.

(Please check our compatibility checker to see if we have tested Once on your device before purchasing)

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