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What supplier data do you have available?

Once works directly with many suppliers in the window covering industry. Whether you buy blinds from a trade supplier or fabrics and components from a manufacturer to construct your own blinds, we can help. Just get in touch and let us know who you buy from. We have many product catalogues available in Once format.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes, we now offer an unlimited free trial. That means you don’t pay a penny until you are using Once for real orders.

How is Once going to save my business money?

Once can save your business far more money than you pay in subscription costs. In addition to the huge saving in time and improvement in efficiency there are many direct cost savings:

– Eliminate numerous incorrect orders that can be very costly both financially and to your reputation.
– No more handwriting transcription errors.
– No calculation errors for prices or fabric lengths
– Once warns you when width or drops are outside of maximum limits.
– Once warns you when a fabric must be turned and also if it can be turned.
– Warnings for missing information such as the child safety fixing height.

The cost reduction in buying carbon paper pads can be similar to the subscription cost!

Reduced fuel and vehicle costs having to hand deliver orders or collect visit schedules.

Our “genie” feature allows you to put a very small charge on each order that will cover the subscription cost so it won’t cost you anything.

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How much does it cost?

£25 + VAT per user, per month for Once Mobile after the unlimited free trial. You can pay by debit/credit card or direct debit.
Contact us to discuss volume discounts or your specific usage requirements.

There is no charge for Once Setup.

What equipment do I need?

For Once Mobile, you’ll need a single desktop or laptop computer (Windows or Apple) to manage your product and price catalogue. Each salesperson or surveyor will need a tablet (eg, iPad, iPad mini or Android) to run Once Mobile. You can also run Once Mobile on a PC (Apple Mac or Windows).  Read more about How Once works and Compatible Devices.
For a low cost Android device we currently recommend a Galaxy Tab A.

For OnceTime you can use a Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android tablet or phone.
See Compatible Devices for details.

Do I enter an annual contract?

No, you pay per month and you can cancel at any time.

Do you offer training?

Yes – for Once Mobile we offer free one-to-one online training and getting started assistance for new subscribers. During the session you can choose to share your desktop so we can work with you on getting your actual system up and running.

Details are supplied in the Welcome to Once email sent to new customers.

Does it have a calendar for appointments?

Yes, our OnceTime smart calendar app can send appointments to Once Mobile users.
There is also the option to add an appointment time and date to any order/quote that you create using Once Mobile, and you can view all of your jobs, sorted by appointment date within the app

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How do I create my product and price catalogue?

The Once Setup tool is designed to make it very quick and easy to put your products and prices into Once.
The installation contains an example catalogue covering a range of industry products and fabrics. You can use this as a starting point or you can cut-and-paste your existing price and product data into Once Setup. We have a broad range of supplier catalogues that you can easily import into your system.

You can also ask if your suppliers have a Once catalogue that you can selectively import and adjust as required.

You do not need all items you sell in the catalogue as you can manually enter details in the app. For products with price bands you can select a band so prices are automatically calculated or you can simply type in the selling price.

The Once Setup video show how easy this is.

How do I add or reduce the number of people in my business that can use Once Mobile?

Go to the Sign up to Once page, and enter the total number of users that you want to be able to use Once Mobile.

e.g. If you currently have a single user subscription and want to have 4 users you must enter 4 for the number of users.

For full details on adding/reducing the number of Once Mobile users, including the changes you need to make in Once Setup and how it effects your subscription, take a look at the article on our Support Portal.

Can I sell products other than Window Blinds using Once?

Yes, you can sell just about anything!

– Any product that is priced by size or area such as shutters or awnings can easily be built into the catalogue to get automatic pricing.

– The product extras feature can calculate prices from numerous values such as width, drop, perimeter, area, percentage, fixed, pricing tables or a combination.

– You can always enter the product details and prices manually in the app.

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