Compatible Devices

Once Setup

Once Setup will run on any x64 PC running Windows 10 or later and any Apple Mac running OS X 10.14 (Mojave) or later.

Once Mobile

For a low cost Android device we recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, either the 8.7 or 10.4 inch versions.
As most businesses will be buying new devices for their staff then this is the Android device that we will be guaranteeing support for at this time. We suggest you do not purchase android devices with a lower cost or specification to a Galaxy Tab A or you may find problems with poor battery life, performance and are less physically robust.

You can get also get Galaxy Tab A versions that can act as a phone with a 4G card, so you only need one mobile device.

If you are an Apple user, then the basic model iPad or iPad Mini versions are all you need.

Android devices must be running Android 5 or later and Apple iPads must be running iOS 14.3 or later.

Once Mobile on a PC

We also supply Once Mobile for use on a Windows PC or Mac. It is exactly the same application as the mobile versions, but you can use a mouse and keyboard. Windows PCs should be running x64 Windows 10 or layer with the latest updates installed.

Internet Connectivity

You don’t need a continuous internet connection with any Once product. You can continue to use the apps and they will synchronise with the cloud when you next have a connection.

Once Mobile will require an internet connection to download new data and to post completed orders or quotes. This can be done at the start or end of the day or anytime you have an internet connection. Using a 3/4G enabled mobile device will allow you to do this at any time. For a lower cost and more flexibility, a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot can be a better option.

Once Mobile will prompt you to download new data or when you press the “Check for new data” button on the Settings screen.

Bluetooth Laser Measures

The Leica Disto bluetooth laser measures are supported for direct entry of measurements e.g the Leica DISTO D2. The device running Once Mobile must support Bluetooth LE (Low Energy).


OnceTrack will run on any x64 Windows PC running Windows 10 or later.
We recommend a good spec PC ideally with a solid-state drive or it can start to run slow when you have many hundreds of orders and appointments.


OnceTime has the same hardware and operating system requirements as Once Mobile but is also available for iPhones and Android phones. There are no specific recommendations for tablets or mobile phones to run OnceTime although due to the range of Android phones we cannot guarantee every device will always operate as expected.
If you are running as an administrator with many staff and appointments, we recommend a good spec PC ideally with a solid-state drive.


We recognise the importance of security of your data and account information. All Once data is sent over encrypted connections. Your Once account that you administer via the Once website is password protected and we recommend that you don’t share your password. Your credit or debit card data is never seen or stored by us as all payment data is handled by world-leading online payments providers.